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ETSI TS 102 361
DMR Vocoder 3600 bps

Digital Mobile Radio (ETSI TS 102 361) is next-generation professional two-way radio with enhanced voice communications with using new 3600 bps vocoder compatible with new APCO P25 Half-Rate Vocoder.

Our implementation of the DMR Vocoder is performed in accordance with "TIA-102.BABA-1 Addendum" (excluding some errors in the description) and provides high speech quality and a guaranteed interoperability with AMBE-3000 (Rate 33).

With our implementation of the DMR 3600 bps Vocoder you can start production of the new generation of digital radio right now and without large expenses.

ETSI TS 102 361 Standard Digital Mobile Radio vocoder is available right now as:

- object code for Blackfin DSP platform,
- dynamic and/or static library for Win32,

Also any other DSP, RISC or general-purpose platform (during three-four months).