About us


Our technologies and software are successfully used by developers and manufacturers of telecommunication equipment for government and defensive, state and commercial structures as well as for end users in many countries of the world:

UK USA Israel Canada Italy Russia Austria Australia South Korea India South Africa China

We are DSP Software supplier.
We develop both our proprietary and standard technologies and products, customize them for specific conditions and requirements of customers.

Our mainstream is speech technologies and voice communication:
- innovative methods of speech compression (of speech coding),
- speech enhancement (noise and echo cancellation, spectrum equalization, etc.),
- error control coding (channel coding),
- advanced methods of "source-channel coding".
We create innovative vocoders robust to both an acoustic noise and channel errors. All our proprietary vocoders are free of any third-parties patents and have superior characteristics in comparison with well-known vocoders on the same bit rates.

We are team of scientists, software and hardware engineers, developers and programmers, young talents and reputable experts, who have great experience in Digital Signal Processing and development of unique technologies and products for various telecommunication equipment and other applications in IT-domain.
We have performed successfully variety of projects according to specifications of our customers and have developed a lot of proprietary and standard software products and technologies.
Our products are used in:
- a wire and wireless telecommunication equipment,
- Digital Radio, including mobile radio and Software Defined Radio,
- VoIP devices and various PC applications,
- answering machines, the speaking games and in many other devices.

Having great experience not only in development of math intensive algorithms and software, but also in hardware design, production, testing and exploitation of various radio and telecommunication equipment, we use our strong background to satisfy completely needs of our customers and to provide to each of them the most advantageous solution.

We are TI Third Party Network Member