Product Customization

We are ready to customize any our products and technologies under your requirements and conditions.

For example, a frame size, bit rate or speech quality of any vocoder can be changed to any side;
or an integrated to vocoder Error Control Coding can be modified to provide high robustness of the vocoder in specific channel;
or noise preprocessing can be integrated with vocoder to provide high speech quality in noisy environment;
or echo cancelling, DTMF/Tone support and other required facilities can be provided.

Please inform us about your needs and we will provide you the best solution, customizing our products and technologies under your specifics.

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Product Development

Our scientists and engineers, developers and programmers have high mathematic background and great experience in development of various DSP products and technologies, which work today in both a special equipment for government, Department of Defense and in wide set of commercial devices (of the secure voice products, answering machines, radio stations and of many many others).

Our managers have performed only successful projects, use a Process Approach in accordance with CMMI methodology and modern tools for project management, providing high reliability and predictable success of the projects.

We are waiting for your interesting projects and ready to introduce you our innovations to create with you together a newest products, needed for the market and to millions of people in the world.

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